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Thomas C. Wilmer, P.C.
Phoenix Injury Lawyer & Workers Compensation Attorney

Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Phoenix

Thomas “Tom” Wilmer has served as the personal injury lawyer Phoenix residents trust to find justice since 1990, when his firm first opened its doors. As a third-generation Phoenix AZ personal injury lawyer, Tom is passionate about his job and about representing his clients thoroughly, so they can enjoy the most financial compensation possible. He is well known for his patience, tenacity, and thoroughness.

Since 1990,

Tom provides one-on-one consultations with every client, giving them personalized representation and direct access to his advice. He is a proud Wilmer attorney, dedicated to serving those who have been injured! Born and raised in Arizona, Tom grew up spending vast amounts of time with his father, Charles Wilmer, who practiced primarily in Scottsdale, and his grandfather, Mark Wilmer, who began serving his community in 1931. With these two men as his mentors, Tom has unique experience with and understanding of the best legal practices, client service, and true ethics involved in personal injury cases.

Call Tom today at (602) 230-1188 for a free consultation with a professional and experienced Phoenix personal injury lawyer. He'll be able to start your case the right way, giving you the tools you need to find financial compensation and justice!

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The task of finding the right Arizona personal injury lawyer to represent you after an injury can be overwhelming. Is it important to have a lawyer? YES, you should hire an EXPERIENCED attorney for a number of reasons. Experienced lawyers know that the most important thing to accomplish for the client is making sure that the client's claim is completely evaluated before an effort is made to try to settle the matter or, if a reasonable settlement can't be reached, file a lawsuit and pursue a recovery through the court system. A proper work-up requires expertise in a number of fields to include a well-founded knowledge of medicine to ensure that the client's true injuries are discovered and completely evaluated. This kind of knowledge takes years to develop and is not something you learn in law school or, more importantly, paralegal school. Another factor that is very important is the ever developing field of lien laws. A lien is a method by which medical providers, hospitals, some health plans, some disability plans and governmental sponsored health coverage, such as Medicare and AHCCCS, can seek reimbursement from the monies you might recover from the party responsible for your injuries. It is very important to understand how to review these claims to make sure that the claimed lien is valid and enforceable. Some plan administrators tell you that they have an enforceable right when, in fact, they do not. An experienced attorney will determine if the lien is valid and can also assist in seeking cooperation with lien holders in reducing the lien when reasonable to do so. There are many other factors that come into play as well.

What's the most important way to ensure you are receiving good representation? Direct attorney interaction. As a sole practitioner with over two decades of experience, you will get one on one representation and attention to every detail about your case. In large cases, I associate with experienced co-counsel that I have partnered with in a number of cases over the last fifteen years.

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Gimmicks, Carpet Baggers, Unlicensed & Factory Firms

For many years, lawyer advertising was unethical. Lawyers simply could not advertise like they do today. In the old days, the body of successful lawyers was a reflection of the skills of these attorneys. Today, financial success of many lawyers is a reflection of their advertising campaigns and not necessarily their skill or the results they obtain for their clients. Being raised in a family of Arizona Injury lawyers tracing back to my grandfather, Mark Wilmer, with the advent of lawyer advertising, I've seen the practice of law transform from a respectable profession to a business with the unfortunate stereotype of "ambulance chaser" reaffirmed by the heavy advertising campaigns of some lawyers. With that in mind, here are some things you need to know about a fair number of lawyers out there, especially the ones who advertise heavily:

1. A flashy commercial says nothing about the ability of the law firm, its record of success or the way clients are treated.

2. A slogan or catch phrase is a meaningless promotion that is better suited for pitching drain cleaning services, not legal representation for someone seriously injured.

3. An advertiser's promise to get you a fast settlement should sound the alarm bell. That means the firm turns their cases over quickly, which probably means little time may be devoted to insuring that all of your damages are known. More importantly, some of these firms push their clients to accept a smaller settlement just to get the case resolved so the lawyer can get his money and move on to the next case. The insurance companies know this and use it to their advantage. Huge advertising campaigns cost tremendous amounts of money to run. Your case may serve as a quick means to get money to feed the advertising machine.

4. Some advertising lawyers never go to court. A promise "to keep you out of the courtroom" is a promise you do not want from your lawyer.

5. Many advertisers have such large volumes that you may never actually meet face to face with a lawyer at any time. Many of the large volume firms employ more paralegals than lawyers. In some of these firms, the paralegal does most of the file work-up to include negotiating with the insurance company.

6. There have been instances of advertising attorneys being disciplined because they had too many cases to actively manage.

7. The lawyer you see on TV may not handle your case at all. Your case may be handled by a young inexperienced attorney, or worse, primarily by a non-attorney paralegal. In fact, some advertising lawyers simply refer your case to another lawyer who may have no connection with the advertising firm other than some form of financial referral arrangement.

8. Some advertising lawyers could never handle your case because they are not licensed to practice in Arizona. This is not just the national firms advertising class action lawsuits. Some of the faces you see on TV pitching their "local" Arizona firm are, in reality, lawyers from other states looking to expand their practice. Some of these lawyers are not licensed to practice in Arizona which means your case will be handled by or under the supervision of another attorney.

Are you in good hands with a heavily advertising lawyer? Probably not.

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